The ultimate vision for this blog is for it to be a means that God might use to help and educate those who suffer with mental illness. There are too many Christians who are not receiving help for the suffering they are experiencing. My prayer is that soon changes.

As I am a lay person, I hope to enlist the help of other Christians who would be willing to contribute their expertise in various areas. One way of doing this will be by writing articles on various topics. I will also seek to develop an area where we can list Christian churches, counselors, and psychiatrists that visitors can choose from to help them on their road to recovery. We will also link to organizations that will offer you practical information so that you might learn more about a specific topic.

Finally, we hope to be able to compile a host of testimonials from people that have recovered from their affliction or are on the road to recovery. We need to know there is hope and we need to know our questions and doubts are not a sign of a weak faith or sin in our lives. This site is available for all to utilize, Christian or non Christian.I ask that all who participate respect each other as this is a site that offers hope to the suffering. Any person who does not act in a civil manner will be warned and if necessary, asked to leave.

I will avoid having folks use this site as a way to advertise a “quick fix.” I have seen sites that will promise you the world if you simply purchase their secrets. Unfortunately, these types of sites can very easily make matters worse as an individual follows the steps and doesn’t achieve what was promised. This only causes people to lose hope. May God bless your time here and if it be His will, may this blog be a source of blessings for you.