More Than Coping is a site that will offer information about Mental Illness as it relates to the Christians who visit as well as anyone else. We will not tell anyone what medication they should take. We will not offer a diagnosis as to what may be happening to you personally.

Any articles where an individual shares their story is not meant to be a course of action for you. It is the story of one individual. We recognize there are different ways that God can work and we are not here to try and diagnose you.

In the process of comments to any article people will share back and forth. This sharing is not considered the views of this blog. Any communication you have with another visitor is certainly allowed, but the communication  between the parties is not endorsed by this blog.

Any referrals that are listed are there for you to take advantage of. We highly suggest that you do your homework before utilizing any of these resources. Talk to a counselor to make sure that you are on the same page. Ask questions. They are there to work for you. If you contact a Psychiatrist make sure you are comfortable with their approach. If they want to medicate you immediately, you have the right to say no.