A Boy Wants A Dog

Through the years I have shared many articles about the positive impact dogs give to their owners who suffer from mental illness.  People don’t have enough words to describe the impact that a dog can and does have on their lives.

Their dog is literally a gift from God as they do so much for their owners. These quite often are dogs that have been expertly trained to help meet the needs for the person they will spend their life with. The bond between the new owner and their dog grows in a way many can’t begin to comprehend.

These dogs do so much to alleviate the suffering their new owners have experienced. They have an uncanny sense on when and how to bring comfort to their partner in life. I’m sure you’ve read about it.

My wife and I have owned dogs for many years throughout our marriage. When we brought home our last dog I was emphatic that this would be the last dog we owned. When I was with her as she was put to sleep I felt very emotional as I had when I did the same with a prior dog we owned.

Being honest I confess I got by quite well without having another dog.

As we have our son’s family living with us the drumbeat began for papa as I’m known as to the Grandchildren I have been hounded (pardon the pun)  that our six year old Grandson would benefit greatly by having a dog.

Being set in my ways I said no. They could bet a dog when they moved. I didn’t want the barking, pooping, etc.

Then this week they our son decided to purchase a Hedgehog for his son. Immediately I got online to read about these creatures. As I read I thought to myself “a dog would be much better than a hedgehog”

So this morning as my wife and I were sitting together our son says “you know we could still get a dog.” I asked him why. As I listened to him give his reasons I responded to each one that it sounded good. Finally he asked “are you saying we can get a dog?” I said yes.

Immediately my wife started crying tears of joy. Our Grandson was called in and his daddy told him that papa said he could have a dog. Then he started crying. He asked if papa was pulling a trick and his daddy said no.

Unknown to me the night before our son and his wife talked about if they got a very out of the ordinary pet if I would change my mind. Needless to say they were blown away by this morning’s events.

So the search for the perfect companion is underway. Our home is filled with tremendous joy. All because a stubborn papa changed his mind.

No scripture verses or Biblical references have been included in this article. Hopefully you are happy for our family. God bless!!  Allan


2 thoughts on “A Boy Wants A Dog

  1. Allan, that’s amazing. Good on ya!
    I am often saddened by the fact that, at least so far, my wife and I have only rented houses, being unable to purchase as of yet. And each rental has been “no pets allowed” – simply due to the current, local housing market. Sometimes it’s difficult to hear our children talking about how much they want a dog, or cat, or….. , especially when I remember my own pets I had as a child, and their impact on me.
    Currently, there are a couple of friendly neighbourhood dogs who occasionally visit when my kids are outside, and I’m pleased to see them having a great time.

  2. I was a stubborn old coot Owen! 🙂 It’s going to be a Brittany puppy. It’s sad that many renters have issues with pets while they rent to party animals and obnoxious adults. I hope it will be different for you one day.

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