Election Overload?

We are very close to having a new person sworn in as the President of the United States. Who would have thought a few years ago Donald Trump would be that man?  A man with absolutely no political experience running against 14 or 15 other Republicans and wiping the floor with them.

He then goes on against all odds and defeats Hillary Clinton to the shock of most in the nation and around the world. Hollywood couldn’t have written a better script.

Something happened along the way though. This election cycle managed to pit family member against family member and friend against friend. Relationships were harmed or ended as a result of the huge divide that was exposed in our nation. Maybe you know what I’m speaking of?

In the media and on the internet we’ve gotten to see people at their best and others at their worst. I’ve seen Christians drawn into arguments against one another in ways that were sad and disappointing. Anyone and everyone had the perfect meme or opinion as to what we were witnessing. Lines were drawn in the sand and heels were dug in for the long haul. Where this will lead I don’t know.

As a Christian you might ask what the right things to say or think might be. You won’t find it. The reality is Christians are all over the map with their thoughts and opinions on the state of our nation and the political landscape.

What I have sensed and seen is that people are afraid. They’re afraid of what President elect Trump might do to our nation. Others are afraid that those who don’t support Trump will resort to violence and mayhem to show their displeasure. Time will tell.

In the midst of everything I think of those with mental health issues. How are they holding up? Has all of this set off triggers that have exacerbated illnesses so many are living with?  Are they getting the support and reassurance they need?

I can testify that in the midst of everything swirling about us it’s easy to let our thoughts and cares drift away from God. We’re human. We aren’t and never will be perfect. As a result we can let ourselves down.

And when we’re down and at our most vulnerable the enemy of our souls is right there to pounce on us with all sorts of condemnation. He desires to take our hope away. He lies to us about a god that has forsaken us. In short he throws everything but the kitchen sink at us.

How might we respond?  Remember we serve a God who is all knowing. He is anywhere and everywhere simultaneously. He knew us before we entered this world. He loves us beyond our wildest imaginations.

When we feel there is no hope He is our hope. When we don’t have the answers He is the answer. When we are convinced we are alone He’s here. His Spirit dwells in us. His thoughts towards each of us are innumerable. He loves us unconditionally.

You who live with mental illness have survived a ton of things. The lie is that all of this is supposed to be easy. It’s not. You already know that. You’ve lived it and here you are.

Getting through an election cycle is so much easier than the battles that you’ve been fighting and winning.

God bless and keep you.  Allan


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