Praise & Worship: December 30th, 2016

1. At The Cross-  Terry Butler

2.  Before You Call-  Daphne Rademaker (Vineyard)

3.  Your Hands-  jj Heller

4.  You Won’t Relent-  Misty Edwards

5.  Be Thou My Vision-  Audrey Assad

6.  Be Kind To Yourself-  Andrew Peterson

7.  King Of Hearts-  Randy Stonehill

8.  Tell Your Heart To Beat Again-  Danny Gokey

9.  Let It Fade-  Jeremy Camp

10.  Beautiful To Me-  Kerrie Roberts

11.  Jesus Take The Wheel-  Carrie Underwood

Michael Newnham: Amazing Faith?

This is an article my friend Michael Newnham wrote in May of 2014. There are those in the spotlight who actually do amazing things but so often those who are propped up don’t qualify. I suspect many who read here qualify as being amazing. I took the liberty of giving a title to this article.  Allan

The headline sent me though the roof…this headline always does.

“The Amazing Faith of (Fill in The Blank With A Celebrity Singer, Athlete, or Actor).

I am supposed to read this article to be enthralled by the fact that someone wealthy and famous is also a Christian.


I think it’s supposed to affirm and validate my faith to know that someone “important” culturally is also a fellow believer.

The truth is that I don’t give a writhing, rotund, brown rats rear end about such.

It doesn’t “amaze” me.

The Christians that amaze me and affirm my faith are ;

Christians who are caring for an elderly parent at home to honor their mother or father while trying work and raise a family as well.

Christians who are working as hard and faithfully at their vocations as they can.

Christians who are single parents working and raising kids at the same time.

Christians who give sacrificially and lovingly to others even when they are struggling themselves.

Christians who are living with mental or chronic illnesses and praising Jesus despite their pain.

Christians who are getting ready for heaven and trying to finish well.

Christians who care for people who will never get better.

Christians who are faithful to the vows they made to another child of God even when it isn’t amazing anymore.

Christians who are less concerned about being “right” than about sharing the love of God.

Christians who are so honest about their sins that they give me the freedom to be honest about mine.

Christians who are willing to lose their names and their lives for Who they believe in.

Christian pastors who no one has heard of… that don’t care if anyone ever does as long as the flock makes it to eternal pasture.

I’m amazed and affirmed by all of those Christians caring, loving, giving, and living like Jesus who have no names and mundane lives.

I’m amazed by my neighbors,not celebrities.

They are the ones who I draw strength from for my own journey.

There is only one name that matters in the Christian faith…and it’s not the name of a celebrity who we see first and Jesus second, but Jesus, period.

I’m amazed that He chose me, saved me, and keeps me…and that’s already more amazement than I can grasp.

Make your own application…