A bit of an update.

Eight months ago I stepped away from my blog without the intention of re-opening it. There is no miraculous healing I experienced that I will be sharing that has brought me back. I’m the same man who stepped away and we’ll see what happens.

During my time away I turned 60. I’m over that! My family is well and we gained a granddaughter. Her name is Corrie and she’s great.

I joined a gym in July and proceeded to gain 15 pounds. Go figure!

As past readers know I live with panic disorder and agoraphobia. It’s closing in on 20 years since my first major panic attack. There are times when I think on that fact and feel like a huge failure. Thankfully those times are not as prevalent as they once were.

I’m currently seeing a therapist and we’re going about things differently. Every other week she goes driving with me. As driving is a HUGE issue for me this is a huge step especially since I have major issues not driving alone. We’ve driven twice and I am very pleased with how it has gone. Today I took my mother for a haircut and then shopping. That’s a big deal.

Things will progress slowly as I get back into the blogging world. I am excited about an article that is coming soon. I’m praying it reaches the people who will be blessed in a real way. That’s it for now. God bless! Allan