Hello Again

Eight months ago I shut down this blog after six years of activity. Surprisingly I was fine as I thought I’d have blog withdrawals. I have checked in these last eight months to see if people were still dropping by and they were. That makes me happy that I didn’t pull the blog down completely.

Recently I have been thinking that I might reopen the blog and do things on the fly and see what happens. Then two days ago I received a testimonial from someone many of you are familiar with. I will be publishing this testimonial soon as I think it can be used by God to provide hope and encourage many so desperately need.

I will try to do things as I did before and we’ll see how it goes. I have opened up things so if anyone wishes to comment they are free to do so.

To those who have participated in the past I pray you are doing well.

As I’m not real computer savvy it appears I’m going to have to learn some stuff so I can post.

God bless!  Allan