Praise & Worship, The Jesus People Era: June 7th, 2013

Having gone through my CD’s recently I came across some music that dated back to the mid 70’s and earlier.  This was the first ‘Christian’ music’ I had ever heard and I fell in love with it.  I guess this would qualify as my version of olies but goodies!  I hope you enjoy the songs.  Allan

Song List

1a. More Than Sunlight-  Mustard Seed Faith

1.  Sometimes Alleluia-  Chuck Giard

2.  King Of Hearts-  Randy Stonehill

3. Charity-  Kenn Gulliksen

4.  Nobody Knows Me Like You-  Benny Hester

5.  I Love You With My Life-  Sweet Comfort Band

6.  A Friend So True-  Kelly Willard

7.  Sail On Sailor-  Mustard Seed Faith

8.  Holy, Holy, Holy-  Maranatha

9.  Giver Of Life-  Darrell Mansfield

10.  Which Way The Wind Blows-  2nd Cahapter Of Acts

11.  Clean Before My Lord-  Honeytree

12. Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful-  Keith Green


4 thoughts on “Praise & Worship, The Jesus People Era: June 7th, 2013

  1. I became a believer in 1980, so most of these songs had already seen their day by then. Nonetheless, they were still popular among believers with whom I fellowshipped, so I heard them. It was an exciting time. Mansfield was my first taste of Christian rock, which I didn’t even know existed before that. Sweet Comfort was my favorite band. Saw 2nd Chapter at Church on the Way. It was one of their last concerts together. Randy Stonehill is still writing and performing, and is just as crazy now as we was then. Thanks E. Love you brother!

  2. CK, We have similar experiences. DM was my first dose of Christian rock. Although I never saw 2nd Chapter I did get to see Annie Herring twice in a small church setting. I admire her greatly. When I attended Oden Fong’s church I got to see Randy Stonehill and I got to know Kevin Thompson of Sweet Comfort via the Phoenix Preacher. Kevin attended one of the E-Fests after he was paralyzed along with his son. He was a very nice man and totally genuine. I was very fortunate to have attended so many Saturday night concerts at CCCM and saw many outstanding groups. I was saved at a Saturday night concert in 1976. Gentle Faith and Erick Nelson performed and Tom Stipe brought the message. That was the first time I heard and understood the Gospel message. Thanks for dropping by. Love you too Kevin!

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