Prayer Requests & Praise Reports: May 12th, 2013

My mom, I love her
And that’s why I pray

Not just today on this Mother’s Day

But with each remembrance
Of the love she’s expressed
My thankfulness to the Lord I’ve professed

For my life began
In a warm and safe place
Then grew more secure in Mom’s tender embrace

When I was little
She taught me to crawl
Then to walk and run, and get up when I fall

Nurtured and cared for
She raised me to stand
Lifted, supported, by her loving hand

She believed in me
Inspired me to dream
Nothing was impossible for me, it seemed

It was her example
That pointed the way
To the life in Christ I know today

My mom, I love her
On this Mother’s Day
She’s the reason I’m taking this moment to pray

My mom, I love her
Let her know, dear Lord
Please bless her with the most abundant reward

–Mary Fairchild


Allan–  A friend lost her husband a year ago. This not too long after she had a leg amputated. She has now moved out of state to be close to her daughters. She has lost 37 pounds and is battling deep depression. Her name is Jan.  Jan will be having a second bypass on her good leg due to circulation issues. In preparing for her surgery they found she has had a silent heart attack. Her surgery is in about a week.

Prayer Requests

lensgirl53– Please pray for Mariah, my granddaughter, who at the age of 11 yrs. has separation anxiety from her mother every single time they are apart. She is at a youth retreat…her very first time being away from our family and already they have called saying that she is very upset and wants her mother. Her mother (our daughter) has taken her to see a counselor for this….we believe it has a lot to do with what our family has suffered because of the passing of our son. Please pray for peace in Mariah’s heart and mind and that this youth retreat will be an uplifting spiritual experience instead of being remembered as a time of separation and anxiety. Thank you.

Allan–  Please pray for Owen who recently had open heart surgery.  He was taken back to the ER  as his heart was out of rhythm and it has been fixed.

lensgirl53–  Please pray for my daughter Vanessa who suffers from Misophonia (hearing sensitivity which causes rage and depression) and Borderline Personality Disorder. She has lost so much because of this…jobs, relationships….etc….we are at an all time low over this on top of losing our son to suicide. Thank you so much. God bless you.

Allan–  My cousin DeAnna is recovering from a double mastectomy. Please pray there will be no complications as she goes through treatments  and the cancer will be gone.

Allan–  I just received word that an old friend who helped me so much in my early years as a believer tried to commit suicide. Finances and health issues have been and are overwhelming. Please pray that Dick would regain hope and that God would move mightily in his life.


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