Survey Finds Eating Disorder Among Pregnant Women

Taken from  Top News  Which is located   HERE.

According to a recent survey conducted by University College London, too many pregnant women are highly concerned about their weight and shape. Approximately 700 pregnant women were surveyed and 25% of them revealed their fears of gaining weight.

Around 2% of them were exercising excessively, fast and misusing laxatives or diuretics so as not to gain weight during pregnancy.

The National Institute for Health Research funded the study. The findings also revealed that one out of every 12 overate twice a week.

The lead author of the study, Dr. Nadia Micali, UCL Institute of Child Health, said they have found enough evidence from the study that eating disorders can have negative impacts on both the baby and the mother.

She added, “Greater awareness of eating disorders and their symptoms amongst antenatal health care professionals would help to better identify and manage such disorders amongst pregnant women”.

Researchers have suggested figuring out eating disorders among pregnant women during their first check up as adverse effects can pose several risks for the mother and the baby.

European Eating Disorders Review has revealed that eating disorders of many pregnant women are not treated with the urgency as other disorders are.

Dr. Abigail Easter from the UCL Institute of Child Health said many women do not disclose their eating disorders because of the stigma or fear that they might get a negative response from health professionals.



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