Prayer Requests & Praise Reports: March 3rd, 2013

I set it aside Lord; every thought of myself, every fear, need, disappointment, failure, lie from the enemy, remark that hurts, slight, question of why, hard test, careless attitude, rude response, distrust, or any thought that does not prove that You are God and can do all things through me because You strengthen me. I climb from my wallowing thoughts that do not honor You no matter what my circumstances. You are above all things impossible to man. You make it possible for us to remember our sweet communion with the Lifter of my soul. I take the Bread and Wine.

Emerald rainbow, streets of gold, ethereal voices of praise, perfect agape, sinlessness, white robes, Throne of Grace, Book of Life, Banquet with the Lamb, a new heaven and earth, a mansion, loved ones, Truth, unspeakable glory, a new name,…
For this Lord, Your acceptable Presence Eternal, I live, move, have my being.

I lay down doubt, every burden that hinders, false expectation, trepidation, worthless information, control, harm, retribution, disguised pride, scoffing.

I pick up hope, courage, joy, peace, Truth, wisdom, holiness, gratitude, faith unchallenged, Life. I will carry on pocketed in Scripture and willingness to reflect its teaching. I will not blaspheme by wanting my will be done. I succumb with grateful trust that You are Real and my life is solved through You. I try. You finish. I wait. You perfect.

Let it be so according to Your will that I might magnify Your Name that is above all names. Brighten the Light of this little candle. Let me shine with a difference that those who wonder will hear with ears that hear that my God saves. May this offering at Your feet please He Who first loved me and set me in His creation to Make Him Know as He is Known.

That none should perish,
Amen     ~clean hands pure heart~

Prayer Requests

lensgirl53–  Please pray for my daughter Vanessa who suffers from Misophonia (hearing sensitivity which causes rage and depression) and Borderline Personality Disorder. She has lost so much because of this…jobs, relationships….etc….we are at an all time low over this on top of losing our son to suicide. Thank you so much. God bless you.

Allan–  My cousin DeAnna is recovering from a double mastectomy. Please pray there will be no complications as she goes through treatments  and the cancer will be gone.

Allan–  A friend lost her husband a year ago. This not too long after she had a leg amputated. She has now moved out of state to be close to her daughters. She has lost 37 pounds and is battling deep depression. Her name is Jan.

Allan–  I just received word that an old friend who helped me so much in my early years as a believer tried to commit suicide. Finances and health issues have been and are overwhelming. Please pray that Dick would regain hope and that God would move mightily in his life.


4 thoughts on “Prayer Requests & Praise Reports: March 3rd, 2013

  1. You God Who Is never beyond us, ever listening, ever ready to answer according to Your will, with out stretched arms, to the weary, heavy laden, the prodigal, the fallen, the needy. To You we attribute every worthy description.

    Blessed be Your Name. Only Reigning Perfection, we come asking You to make us perfect as You are perfect. Though this perfection come by trial, testing, tribulation, difficulty, sorrow and strain, we ask knowing it will conform us to Your image as we surrender.
    Help our unbelief until we are transformed.
    Until then secure us in grace and patience. Own our time. Renew our minds Word by word, step by step, moment to moment. Grasp our intentions and make us holy for You are Holy and do not change.

    Be our soul keeper for us when we falter in thought word or deed.Your love speaks hope. And so Lord, we walk toward You. Amen Great Understanding God.


  2. Have been having trouble getting on here, but God will cure.

    May His purpose prevail in all our thoughts and deeds. May He have the best we have to offer and may He perfect it in holiness and right standing before Him. As He gathers and sets His will before us, May we grasp it as it is Life Himself presenting us before the Father being tender and fulfilling of our needs while He speaks love over us. May we endure until the end offering ourselves as a living sacrifice of praise in the most trying of moments. May we prevail for His glory when all things a righted in His sight. May we sing in the courts of praise overcoming our disabilities in the flesh. May we hope without failure. May our trust in Him shine in righteousness. amen

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