Prayer Requests & Praise Reports: February 9th, 2013

Keeper of every promise
My God of the Covenant
the Rock to which I cling
I bring praise to the Elegant Understander Who knows my need before it arises.

I sing to the Morning Star. I come to the Holy One Who holds all things together lifting palms of love. Let me receive Your will like one who drinks thirstily at the well of desperation. I subsist on every word that proceeds from You mouth.

Search my intentions and purify every request I make that does not conform to Your Image. Single me out from among the darkened and let Your Light glow through my actions that those who need Your saving grace may find Truth upon my speech. Touch the coal to my lips.

Let me not grow weary in doing good. Let me not waste time on frivolous endeavors or complaining or balking at my self interpreted miseries. Cleanse me from all hidden sin.

Set Your seal upon my day and cover my vulnerability at night. Be the Son that rises in my heart and the Spirit that sets my rest at night.

Spread Your love over us and lead us into Your pleasure for us. Hide us under the Throne of mercy and still us into perfect peace. With You…

Ever and ever God,
Amen    ~clean hands pure heart~


Prayer Requests

lensgirl53–  Please pray for my daughter Vanessa who suffers from Misophonia (hearing sensitivity which causes rage and depression) and Borderline Personality Disorder. She has lost so much because of this…jobs, relationships….etc….we are at an all time low over this on top of losing our son to suicide. Thank you so much. God bless you.

Allan–  My cousin DeAnna is recovering from a double mastectomy. Please pray there will be no complications as she goes through treatments  and the cancer will be gone.

Allan–  A friend lost her husband a year ago. This not too long after she had a leg amputated. She has now moved out of state to be close to her daughters. She has lost 37 pounds and is battling deep depression. Her name is Jan.

Allan–  I see the doctor tomorrow.  I have been slow in healing from  prostate surgery but there has been good progress made. Hopefully the new meds will complete their work. Prayer would be welcomed.

Allan–  I just received word that an old friend who helped me so much in my early years as a believer tried to commit suicide. Finances and health issues have been and are overwhelming. Please pray that Dick would regain hope and that God would move mightily in his life.

Praise Report

Allan–  My problems since my surgery have cleared up!


2 thoughts on “Prayer Requests & Praise Reports: February 9th, 2013

  1. My very good friend has called to tell of her sister dying by suicide on Thursday. She found her and is have a devastating time getting rid of the image and the “guilt” that she did not suspect that this would happen. There was nothing to lead her to suspect this because her sister was her neighbor and they were very close. Her sister suffered from COPD and was having tremors but took meds that could also cause suicide tendencies i.e. the meds for her tremors and anti-depressants. She was relatively young…in her sixties…and was an upbeat person who was making plans for the weekend….suicide leaves us all in a whirl of unanswered questions and devastation. God be with all who suffer and die by suicide…and those who are left behind. Her name is Mary P.

  2. Dale, I don’t know what to say. The family must be reeling and in shock over the suicide of Mary. I have read about meds that can cause suicidal thoughts, etc. but am in no position to make any statements concerning that. I can hope that any meds that do carry that risk can be tweaked so suicidal thoughts are not a side effect.

    Dale, As you are no stranger to this topic I pray you can be used by God to be a comfort and source of wisdom through such a catastrophic event; either now or in the future. God bless you Dale.

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